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Just popping in to say that this month has left me pooped!!!!

More 10K training. (And a rehearsal race in Oak Park that was a lot easier to finish than I expected.)

My first wrestling outing in over a year with my nephew. We spent a full day at a Shimmer taping in Berwyn, and I was so thrilled that he had the stamina to sit through just about 8 hours of a show exclusively featuring women competitors.

A gala dinner related to work, which resulted in my having the opportunity to write remarks for a U.S. senator. And eat a really delicious meal! ;)

A really kick-ass Gaslight Anthem/Against Me! show at the Aragon.

An unexpected invite to a free PAWS event featuring Jackson Galaxy, the man behind Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell. He was super nice, BTW, and when he was signing my book and I was a dork and said what a fan I was he thanked me and commented on how he noticed I was paying close attention while he was speaking.

More library-related meetings.

My first experience of Forest Park's annual Casket Race event.

A day trip out to Joliet for my best friend's oldest son's fifth birthday party.

And a Halloween-themed Tamale Hut show, complete with decorations and candy and costumes. It went long, even without a featured guest, but the caliber of the open mic stories was pretty solid.

As you can see, all positive activities, but a lot to juggle in a short period. And of course, this is all on me for overbooking myself, as I tend to do, but I think I'm feeling the aftermath more than usual because I haven't slotted in enough recharge time in between all of these things.

Gonna try to make November and December a lot more quiet if I can help it. Though these may be famous last words, since I like to make the most of my birth month (November). And I've been feeling the onset of a pretty strong non-business related travel itch.......

So we'll see.......
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